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sustainable community shopping




Sustainable community shopping


The way we shop is wasteful


Our system saves you time and money, 

whilst reducing plastic, your Carbon footprint

and contributing back to your community 

Buy together, save together, build together

how it works

get your monthly essentials

Choose from one of our locally sourced, eco friendly packages. Eat, wash and clean from £5/m.

your community

pick up

Collect your shopping from your community pickup point. Buy together, save together, build together.

your community fundraising

We donate 15p of every £1 spent straight back to your community to spend on the things that matter.

help you

help communities

help the environment

everything you need to:


check out our latest article in the


the best quality,

the best value,

the most ethical.

Simply the best


We only source the best essentials

from your monthly shop.


See what else we have in stock.